Root Canal Treatment – Leesburg, VA

Busting Pesky Infections & Easing Our Detectives’ Toothaches

When bacteria progress beyond the outer two layers of the tooth and near the nerve, or pulp, of the tooth, then a pulpotomy (baby root canal) is recommended. With a pulpotomy, the infected area of the pulp is removed and the tooth is covered with a crown for protection. Pulpotomies are important and enable a tooth to be saved for proper function and dental growth.

If your child is complaining of tooth pain, please contact our pediatric dental office immediately to speak with Agent T about baby root canal treatment in Leesburg.

Why Choose Tooth Clues - The Dental Detective for Kids for Your Child’s Root Canal Treatment?

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What Happens During a Baby Root Canal?

Young girl smiling in dental chair during baby root canal treatment in Leesburg

To remove the bacteria that has penetrated into the nerve, causing the  toothache, Agent T will access the inner chamber of the tooth to clean and sanitize it. And then a biocompatible material is placed inside the tooth to stabilize the nerve, after which a dental crown is placed on top to protect the tooth.